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Bath Time Isn't Just For Kids!

You know those days when everything hits you at once? When you've been on a productive high for weeks; you hit all deadlines, reached all your goals, worked out and ate right, dressed fly and then one day..... SLAM! It all hits you at once. 

That's your body telling you to slow down. That's your body telling you it needs rest.

Time to answer the call, go home and make yourself a nice, warm bath and this article is here to help you make the most relaxing bath on the planet!

Baths come with the one thing all girls need in their lives, OPTIONS:

Bath Bombs: These cool things will make your bathe extra fun despite their dangerous name. A bath bomb is a tightly packed ball of dry ingredients that dissolve in water. Upon dissolving, all of the ingredients are released for your enjoyment. Different bombs come with different ingredients. Most release a great smell, some release color, some fizzle and have bubbles; it all depends on what you're looking for. Go to your nearest body store and you're sure to find a few to try out.

Tealight Candles: You can opt for scented candles but tea candles are fun and cheap. You can literally line you're entire tub for less than five dollars. The other cool thing is that they don't last forever. Once you've been soaking in your bath for a while, they will start to go out. You can stay in until the lights turn out on you or get out when you have about three candles still lit.

Scented Epsom Salt: Non-scented epsom salt is also an option, but why not have your bath smelling like a lovely collaboration between lavender and sweet orange. Epsom salt serves as a muscle relaxer so when you step out of the bath your body feels more relaxed and ready for bed.

Don't wait until you want to take a bath to get your ingredients. You need them on hand so you're ready when that day hits and your body says, "enough is ENOUGH!" and demands you be a little selfish and do something for YOU.

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