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Fast Hands: Back to School Event Details

It happens once a year. School starts and our schedules go back to being in order. Ballet on Mondays. Soccer on Tuesdays. Bible Study on Wednesday's. But FIRST comes the first day of school.

And we want to make life easier for you by handling your kids hair. This year Montgomery County and PG County return to school in September. So on Monday & Tuesday of September 4th & 5th we're making life easier. Both days from 3-7PM you can get your kids hair done for just $45. If you know that your child does not do well in the shampoo bowl please come with their hair shampooed. If your child is difficult in the shampoo bowl it will be an additional $10.

For those of you who shampoo your child's hair at home, when they come in we will spray in their hair with water and begin styling. You can only choose from the styles below. To book your child's fast hands appointment click HERE

Straight Back Cornrows

Cornrow Mohawk (beads not put on in salon)

Cornrow Up-Dos

Loc Grooming

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