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Week Oct 15th Newsletter: I got married over the weekend


It was beautiful. I wore a velvet pink dress and he wore a velvet blue suit. It was in Jamaica and yup I’m back to work already.

His name is Masego. And as soon as I said “I do.” I woke up.” You wanna talk about blissful sleep, hell I wanted to close my eyes for the rest of the weekend. If you’ve never heard of Masego, you betta ask somebody. Anybody at N can tell you really, I’ve been blasting him since I’ve been back at the salon.

I’m one of those people who dive ALL the way in when I like someone’s body of work. This includes Issa Rae, J.Cole, Myleik & Shonda Rhimes. If you’re a fan of these people too we’re basically virtual best friends now.


But anyways, let’s talk about why you need to BOOK an appointment FOR THIS MONTH. Starting next month our prices will be increasing, but read to the end because they don’t increase for everyone. Your favorite stylist can be $5-20 more for their first hour. Why? Because we understand the value that we bring to the salon experience and I want to make sure my stylists are well paid. However, as long as you book your appointment every 6 weeks you’ll be grandfathered in for your stylists’ current rate.

So if you haven’t visited us in the past 6 weeks you may wanna make sure you book for October so that come the holidays the only budget increase you’ll be thinking about are gifts, if you’re into that kinda thing.


Side Note: I’ve gotten a few personal text and emails from some of you that you’ve been enjoying my email take over. I have too, we only have two more together. I know, I know... I’ll miss you too. I’m thinking of starting a podcast or something for us to stay in touch regularly. Until then, chill out this morning listening to my “husband” by clicking this link HERE

I’ll be sliding through your inbox next week Ciao for now, Angela

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