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Corey - The Two Strand Twist Slayer

My favorite thing about working with and being around Corey is his joy! He’s genuinely kind and he gives the best hugs! Yep, even in a Panorama (pandemic) Corey has this infectious personality! I can be in the worst of moods and being around him will turn that all around. He’s always laughing and knows ALL of the latest TikTok dances.

As I stated in a previous post Corey came to us self-taught. In working with someone that is self-taught, I’ve found that they have their way of doing things and it’s sort of challenging to break some habits. For instance, the way you place your hands when doing certain styles can affect the speed and the sleekness of a style. Teaching someone how to do something completely different then how they’ve been doing it can be challenging. It’s like trying to teach a right handed person how to write with their right hand. Is that extreme? That’s all I’ve got! It takes a lot of work to train your brain to make your fingers do something that you’ve been doing a certain way, a whole new way.

Over the last few months Corey completely put his focus on Wash N Gos and Two Strand Twists.

Two strand twist are a very popular style in the natural world. It is achieved by splitting a section of hair into two and then creating a rope-like appearance wrapping each sections around the other.


Two strand twist can last about two to six weeks and can even be twisted out and worn another week or so as another style. Two strand twist can range in size from mini twist to thicker chunky twist. They can be worn down, up in a ponytail or bun, and even styled in an updo.

Corey came to the salon definitely knowing how to do two strand twist. During our slower season, Corey took the time to learn different parting techniques. He learned that parting the hair certain ways would determine how the hair would fall or frame the clients hair. He also worked on not using so much products in the clients hair, understanding that a little bit goes a long way. Corey has also worked on his timing. We’ve had wonderful clients come in as models or at a discounted rate and Corey got to work on getting clients in and out of the salon. In the beginning I’ve seen Corey spend three to four hours on a clients two strand twist. After hours of models and working on his mannequins Ashley and Veronica (yes he named them) Corey can complete his two strands in about an hour and a half!

Bonus: Corey does some of the best two strand twists on locs too! Check them out y'all.

It has been very rewarding seeing Corey grow. He came in with the best personality, always ready to work! Always making sure his clients and his team are good whenever he’s around. I have seen him become very confident in his work and his ability to become a better stylist.


If you haven’t had the pleasure, you can find Corey at our Downtown Silver Spring location, Thursday-Saturday, styling or behind the camera capturing content for our social media.

We hope to see you there soon!!

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