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Hair Trauma - Curly Girls Know

It’s a real thing.

And in our community, almost too real a thing.

Before we begin today’s lesson let’s be clear. “Our Community” is the curly girls community. This is not limited to ones ethnic background. Curls can literally be found all over the world. And all over the world little girls who were teased about their hair or who cried during the process are now raising other little girls with curly hair.

This month we delve into the traumatic hair experiences that are perpetuated throughout our lives. We think we’re over them but for many, the way you wear and think about your hair right now while reading this blog is a reflection of childhood hair experiences.


In this series we will delve into 4 subtopics:

⁃ Traumatic childhood hair experiences

⁃ Traumatic salon experiences: The Client POV

⁃ Traumatic stylist experiences: The Stylist POV

Healthy ways to overcome traumatic hair experiences

Our social media will also be shedding some light on this subject. If you've had a traumatic hair experience, whether that be at home or at a salon, and you’re comfortable in sharing them with us, please send us your story to

All participants will remain anonymous and we’ll share your story with our audience.

We know this series is not a happy- joyous one. But it is a necessary one. And it’s a common trauma we need to dig deep to heal from. We hope you enjoy.


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