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How To Make Your Curls Last in the Summer

Hey girl hey!! It’s been hot but we made it another week! So let’s get into these lovely strands of yours. I know how it can be to sit all day shampooing and twisting and braiding and rolling your hair, only to wake up with a popping twist out, step outside into the insane humidity and in 30 minutes or less, poof! All of your efforts feel like they are in vain and you have probably stayed away from these styles completely during the summer months. Well, no need to fret. I have some tips for you to try at home that can minimize the effects humidity can have on your hair.

During the summer months technique can play a huge role in achieving a lot of the loose natural styles. You may be used to doing eight to twelve (random number) twist or braids and huge sections of hair on your curl formers during the fall and winter. During the more humid months you may have to spend a little more time on your twists and curls to achieve the look that you’re going for. For a more defined curled, you should curl, twist or braid hair in small sections. This will give a better hold and more distinct curls. If humidity does show out it will be less noticeable than if you roll or twist in bigger sections. Using a great cream or butter and oil during this process is a definite plus. I would definitely recommend Moisture Love Kindred Spirits Styling Cream and Alikay Natural's Essential 17 Growth Oil. Both of these can be purchased at our online store by clicking the links/ words or in our White Oak or Downtown Silver Spring locations.

When taking down your twist or curls, it is always important to make sure you have oil on your hands to prevent frizz. You also shouldn’t separate the hair too much. This may cause your hair to look undefined and can make it frizzy.

During the fall and winter you can typically go three or four days before re-twisting or curling your hair. That’s definitely not the case during the summer. Once you’ve made it through the day of humidity, you may consider twisting your hair every other night before bed. You should lightly mist each section so that it can really set overnight. Remember, smaller sections will achieve a longer lasting twist out.

Don’t give up on your beloved curls and twist outs for the summer. Follow some of the tips above and let us know how it worked for you! Until next week Curlfriends!!

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