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Natural Salons vs. Traditional Salons

It’s been over 15 years since I was a client at a regular salon but the memories haven’t faded. From the age of 11, I remember waking up super early, (I’m not a morning person) getting dragged to the salon. I remember my mom being adamant on getting the first appointment of 7:30 just to be there until 5 that evening. A whole day spent in a salon.

I remember the smell of burning hair and relaxers, getting my hair shampooed and then waiting. I remember getting my hair trimmed and then waiting some more. There was a lot of waiting.

After sitting-very impatiently-for a few hours I remember getting my hair rolled for the infamous “roller wrap” if you know you know. I would sit under the dryer for about an hour and a half and wait another 30 minutes for my stylist to finally complete my style. My hair would look soooo good when I left that my mom would forget or sweep under the rug that we just spent an entire Saturday in the salon!! Our hair would look great but I always just felt like a client. There was no relationship there.

The natural salon experience; while we have the same goal as a regular salon (make your clients look bomb when they leave your chair) the way we go about things are different, more organic.

Let’s say you walk into N, you will be warmly greeted on time! If not you will be compensated for your time. Your service will begin and you will be pampered from beginning to end. You will notice the scent of herbs and juices and berries. There’s always a poppin playlist and chatter amongst the clients and stylist. While you will be in and out of the salon you will feel full when you leave. Full of information for at home care, full of knowledge for the new hottest Netflix series and full of sisterhood.

Good times were had at both establishments but if we’re going off of my preference, it will forever be a natural hair salon. I feel like my hair will be cared for and my spirit will be lifted every time I leave.

Care to share your experiences at both? I would love to read them!! Email us at

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