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Reasons to Shop Hair Products at N

This BLACK History month, we want to remind you of the significance of pouring into our community. This is why, here at N, we use and sale BLACK owned products. We've linked our best sellers, which we use in the salon EVERY SINGLE day for you to purchase at home... because y'all this stuff is the TRUTH!

First up, a staple that every Naturalista must own- Oyin Handmade's Juices and Berries Leave in Conditioner.

Whether you have locs or loose hair, your hair NEEDS a water based leave in conditioner to stay moisturized and flourish. If you have in a protective extension stye (knotless braids, marley twists, etc.), you'll want to spray your strands with this at least twice a week to keep your hair moisturized. Trust, you won't know you just came out of a month-long style by how juicy your tresses are.

Click HERE to snag yours!

And second on the list- our Jinsa Essential Oil sprays!!! People know them by name (and smell). With several fragrances range from Passionfruit Jasmine to the sweet Pomegranate and even a fresh Lemongrass and Ginger, there's a pick for everyone! These oil sprays SEAL IN MOISTURE! Once you've applied your Juices and Berries spray, go back in and spray this oil on top hop for a longer hold!

To cop this Black owned MUST have, click HERE!

And y'all thats just 2 of the 30+ products we carry. Be sure to stop by and grab some when you're on the

Silver Spring side!

Like Issa said “I’m rooting for everyone black!”

We love BLACK businesses because we’re BLACK and who better to support BLACK businesses than other BLACK businesses?!

When you come into N and you hear our music, you already know it’s a vibe. As you lay back to start your shampoo, we let you know that the products used are from small BLACK OWNED businesses.

We think it’s important for us to support other black businesses because for real, we’re all that we got. It helps build communities and puts us on the shelves more. The money that you spend at a BLACK owned business is recycled back into that community. Black owned products are made for us and by us. You can’t go wrong. You won’t have to guess if this product is made for our hair.

Peace, Love, and Support a Black Business!

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