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Starter Locs and Coloring of Locs

Hey guys! It’s Tameisha, here to talk to you about my two favorite things as it pertains to locs- starting locs and loc coloring!

Pictured: Fully developed locs

New Locs

So, you’ve decided you want to start locs… maybe you want something more low-maintenance, maybe you want quicker growth and/or maybe its the LEWK you’re after.

Whatever the reason, you have decided to join the Loc Gang.

So where do you start?

First, you’ll want to have an idea of the size locs you want.

Look on Pinterest or Instagram and find some loc-spiration.

Next, think about parting. You can do traditional box parts, diamond, triangle, etc.

After that, it’s time to choose a method. For some, this may be dictated by your hair length and texture. For example, for very short hair, coils typically work best while two strands help someone with long hair retain length. But if you fall in the category of people who can go either route, you’ll want to give some thought to which one works best for you.

Pictured: "Coils"

Pictured: "Two Strands"

Once you’ve started your locs, it’s time to enjoy the journey. For some, its a spiritual journey and for many it takes some adjusting, With new locs, you want to avoid shampooing your hair at home and if you absolutely must- you definitely want to focus only on the scalp. They are very tender and can unravel if shampooed incorrectly.

The other thing you’ll want to wait to do- color.

Coloring Locs

Now, let’s talk about color. If possible you’ll want to get your color before starting your locs. This is because you won’t be able to vigorously shampoo your hair- which you need to do after color. But- if you can’t no worries. You’ll just need to wait until your hair fully locks. This typically happens between 6 months and 1 year of starting your locs.

I hope I was able to teach you a thing or two about starting your loc & coloring journey.

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