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Two Reasons You'll Love Visiting Us During Black History Month

If you’ve ever stepped through our doors, you know we love and support EVERYTHING BLACK! From the products we use to the company we use for our plant watering services. So of course, Black History Month is no different.

Number one: The fashions!

When you come in, you’ll notice that we all have on uniforms. We wear BLACK or nude scrubs. Cute right?

For BLACK History month, you may see us switch it up a bit. You’ll catch Carissa with a head wrap and a dashiki. Or you may notice Samantha rockin' a cute pro-BLACK t-shirt. You may see anything as far as clothing and accessories (even masks) to show how BLACK and proud we are!

Number two: The music (or other audio)!

We always receive compliments on our playlists. We listen to a lot of 90s and some current hip hop and R&B, old school and Afro beats. For BLACK History Month we like to switch it up just a tad. You may walk in and hear the famous MLK March on Washington, I Have a Dream speech or beautiful poetry from Langston Hughes or Maya Angelou.

We celebrate and embrace our BLACKNESS everyday. We love everything there is to being black. BLACK History Month just gives a reason to be a little more extra with it.

We hope to see you in your best dashikis, head wraps and bamboo earrings this month!

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